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SMS message content and SMS symbols

Quantity of symbols
The character limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters. Each message sent by multiple SMS messages is limited to 153 characters, rather than 160 due to the need for user-data headers information. Mobile phones use the information to enable them to link long messages.
Number of SMS partsTotal number of available characters

If you include even a single character (for example CYRILLIC, BALTIC alphabets) that is not supported in the default alphabet, all message characters will be encoded in a different standard which will cause a maximum number of characters to drop to only 70 per message. If the message is longer than 70 characters it will be divided into two parts, where the second message will also be limited to 67 characters, even if the second message contains only the basic alphabet. The same rules are applied to every consequent message part.
Number of SMS partsTotal number of available characters

Recommendation: use simple LATIN characters.

Quantity of messages
Any text with more than 160 symbols in it will bi split into several messages and each of them is paid separately by the sender. System will automatically calculate how many messages are necessary in order to send your text («Count SMS» field).
On the right from the text field you will be able to indicate necessary variables which will automatically be inserted into your message and will vary according to the individual meaning of each contact. For example, when using variable Name {NAME} the system will automatically insert the corresponding recipient’s name into each message.


In case you constantly launch the same bulk SMS messaging, try using templates. By doing so, you won’t need to type the whole text again and spend hours for setting the dispatch up. This will, therefore, preserve your valuable time and resources.
To create a new template choose SMS > Templates from the main menu. Next, press New template button in the top left corner. Then, enter name of the template (for example: «Notification about meeting» or «Congratulations on Birthday day») and the appropriate text. Al last, press Save draft.

All saved templates will be stored in SMS > Templates section.
You will always be able to immediately find the necessary template by indicating its name in Find template field. For quick actions with templates press the icon by the right side of the concrete template.
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