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What is a sender ID and how to customise it?

Sender ID is a unique name or a standard phone number that appears in «from» field of your text message on your phone.
To add a new sender choose SMS than Sender ID from the main menu and then press Add sender id button in the top left corner. Next, add name and mobile phone number in an international format (with international dial code).

While entering sender name you have to follow some registration rules prescribed below:

• Sender name consists only out of latin letters.
• Sender name includes no more than 11 symbols.
• Sender name does not include the following Unicode symbols: {| , ; % ' # % *! ^ = [ ] ( ) / ~ < >}

Please be informed that in order to validate new sender phone number we will send you a verification code.

Two-way number

If you need to maintain a two-way communication with your client and receive client’s responses you can use our Two-way SMS service.
To do so, go to SMS > Sender ID, then press Add sender id button in the top left corner and choose Two-way numbers from the list. Next, order a two-way mobile phone number by specifying county and terms of validation. According to the entered data, system will offer you an available phone number as well as will automatically calculate the monthly («Rate» field) and total fees.

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