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How to import contacts

Contact import from file is a function which allows you to add a big quantity of new contacts at the same time by uploading file from your own computer to our platform. The following formats are supported: xlsx, xls, txt. You can also choose a group where all new contacts will be added to.

1. Choose Contacts from the main menu.
2. Press Import contacts, then choose Import file.
3. Upload file from your computer. Platform supports xlsx, xls and txt formats.
4. Choose the appropriate Import action. To add new contacts press Add contacts. To delete existing contacts press Remove contacts. Choose group where all the new contacts will be added to or where all these contacts will be removed from. In case of repeated import choose template.
5. Press Start import.
6. Next, specify types of all columns.

1) You can choose the appropriate type from the list of given ones, among which: name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, city, country, date (Birthday date etc.).
2) In case the list does not include the required type of column please choose the appropriate custom fields. What are custom fields

To block the adding procedure of specific contacts mark those with blue squares on the right.

When completed, press Next step.
7. The system will then automatically calculate the quantity of:

a) all added contacts:
b) all newly added contacts (which were not added earlier);
c) all updated contacts (which were added earlier but which differ by name, surname, e-mail address or any other aspect);
d) duplicates (equal to those added earlier).

In case you constantly work with same-type files you can save your import settings by inserting current templates name (field New templates name). The template will be then automatically saved in system. Next time, when importing new ntacts, you will be able to use template prepared before.

Contact export

Apart from manual adding and importing new contacts the platform also allows you to

1. Choose Contacts from the main menu.
2. Press the download icon in the top right corner. Then, choose the most convenient for you file type
3. Press Export. The file with all contacts from your Sendberry address book will be automatically wnloaded on your computer.
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