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Contact management

Contacts are one of the most important sections of the platform which which allows you to add, edit, move, group and delete the recipients of your campaign. Modifying your contact list according to your marketing purposes increases your efficiency and helps you to achieve even better results.

There are several ways of adding new contacts to your contact list. The choice of the most appropriate and effective way is primarily based on the quantity of adding contacts.

Manual contact adding

1. Choose Contacts from the main menu
2. To manually add contacts one by one press New contact button.
3. Specify contact’s name, surname, mobile phone number(required) and e-mail address.
4. Choose group and specify custom fields of needed.
5. If you wish to add only one new contact press Add contact. If you wish to continue adding new contacts manually press Add next. Previously added contacts will be saved automatically.


You can merge separate contacts into small or large groups in order to focus on effective and purposeful work.

1. Choose Contacts from the main menu
2. Group management panel is located on the right.
3. To add a new group press + button.
4. Previously created groups are indicated below. Numbers on the right of each group demonstrate the quantity of contacts in each.
5. To send a message to a certain group of contacts or edit it press the icon.

Quick actions

Quick actions allow you to delete and move contacts as well as to send messages.

For a quick action with only one contact press the icon next to the appropriate contact.For a fast action with several or many contacts at once mark those contacts with blue squares on the left, press Quick action button and choose the necessary action.
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