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Unsubscribe recipients

You are now able to implement ‘Unsubscribe’ function into your SMS marketing. This function allows you to exclude certain clients, who are uninterested in promos or who disallowed processing their personal data, from your bulk SMS campaigns by providing them individual links. The implementation of ‘Unsubscribe’ function is quite important as it not only corresponds to the European law (GDPR) but also secures fair confidential policy.

To do so, simply:
1. Choose SMS from the main menu
2. Press Start campaign and choose Campaign.
3. Go to SMS content section.
4. Open Variables list and choose {UNSUBSCRIBE}.
5. An individual unsubscribe link is automatically added to your SMS message.
6. After that, simply add a couple more words. Up to you, though :)
7. Your clients will receive a text message with individual links: when opened unsubscribe is activated instantly.
What does ‘unsubscribe activation’ mean? — This means after following the unsubscribe link a subscriber will be automatically blacklisted. To check your current blacklist:

1. Choose Contacts from the main menu.
2. As the new window is opened, see the right corner with Contact groups.
3. At the bottom of this field you will find your Blacklist: the number near it show the amount of contacts blacklisted earlier.
4. Press Blacklist to see all blacklisted contacts.
Contacts that were blacklisted won’t receive your SMS bulks, even if certain blacklisted phone numbers will be added to the bulk forcibly.

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