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Why will bulk SMS messaging have a positive
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At first, it may seem that SMS is an old, rarely used and even ineffective way of communication especially of the business one. Is it really worth writing SMS messages if there are chats in WhatsApp and other modern messengers? However, as a matter of fact, SMS, unlike others, can significantly increase your sales efficiency and simultaneously preserve your valuable time and resources. So what are the main SMS messaging advantages?


Compared to other business channels, text messaging will always be the best option for any budget. It is even more profitable when a company integrates a bulk SMS option: for example, Sendberry provides individual offers for companies that send more than 10.000 SMS messages per month.
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SMS messaging is constantly evolving. Although the original SMS functionality was not so extensive and wide, nowadays SMS provide innovative features such as, for example, Two-way SMS messaging.
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From automated conversations to reducing long-lasting manual tasks: automation of SMS messaging is rapidly becoming an effective marketing strategy. Automation increases the productivity of employees and reduces the consumption of internal resources.


Sending SMS will always help you to adapt to unexpected situations or crises while maintaining a stable communication with your clients. React instantly to any market changes with the help of SMS. You are the one who determines when and how to respond — and text messages are those to do all the job.


Forget about misinformation, instability and ignorance. A qualitative SMS provider will always make sure that all SMS messages were sent successfully. Otherwise, the providers will take responsibility for the delivery of the service and will then try to do everything possible to fix the problem. All text messages are under your control which means you will always be informed about the time and status of bulk SMS delivery. Sendberry guarantees 99.9% effective bulk SMS messaging.
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According to the Oracle research, 90% of all text messages are opened within first 90 seconds. This is not surprising taking into account the dependence of modern users on their mobile devices. With Sendberry, instead of using the ordinary communication strategy, you will be able to engage your customers in a friendly conversation with dynamic visual and interactive features.
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SMS messaging allows you to provide your bulk messaging audience with personalized content — and that’s for just a few cents per one message! Imagine that, for example, in some private clinics the patient's inability to attend an appointment and so-called "no-show" will cause a 50 EUR huge loss! Reducing the ‘no-show’ amount will put your business on the next level.


In the end of the day, SMS messaging and mobile marketing can really make your business achieve better results than ever before. Still doubting?
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