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API for reliable SMS delivery

SMS API allows you to integrate your application with Sendberry using the HTTP protocol in order to send SMS messages.

Send and receive SMS messages to your customers, to any country, using our global coverage and solid network infrastructure. When you sign up with Sendberry, you will get free credits to experiment with and learn about our service.

You can use your company or product name, and even a phone number as sender ID. Each SMS sent from our platform has its own unique id, which allows you to track delivery status and time.
We are ready to help you with the integration of SMS Services into your business platform. Just let us know.
$url = '';
$recepients[] = "447700809111";
$recepients[] = "447700809112";
$recepients[] = "447700809113";
$data["key"] = "API KEY";
$data["name"] = "USERNAME";
$data["password"] = "PASSWORD#";
$data["content"] = "Welcome to Sendberry";
$data["from"] = "Info SMS";
$data["webhook"] = "WEBHOOK FOR QUERY RESULT";
$data["id"] = "YOUR OWN SMS ID TO LINK WITH";
$data["inbox"] = "WEBHOOK FOR RECIEVING SMS";
$data["response"] = "JSON"; // Optional. (JSON or GET)
$data_string = "";

var url = "";
var params = new Object;
params.key = 'API key'; = "Username";
params.password = "Password";
params.content = "Welcome to Sendberry";[0] = "447700809111";[1] = "447700809112";[1] = "447700809113";
request.from = "Sendberry";
request.SMS_ID = "UNIQUE REFERENCE"; // Optional. SMS campaign reference.
request.callback = "CALLBACK URL FOR QUERY RESULT"; // Optional.
request.chatcallback = "SMS ANSWERS WEBHOOK";
request.responseformat = "JSON" // Optional. (JSON or GET)

2FA Authentication

Secure your software

Even strong’ n’ long passwords can be possibly broken or compromised by remote attackers.

Adding a new level of security to your software has never been easier. Implement Two-factor authentication (2FA) and One-time password (OTP) solutions to secure customer data and track fraudulent accounts.


Integrate with your software

Interact directly with your customers using your own platform with our integrated API. Save precious time and valuable resources by building a programmed SMS messaging workflow to manage inbound and outbound customer communications.

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Customized solutions

Tailor-made approach reassures the possibility to modify our platform in order to fully support your specific company processes and set your business apart from other competitors. Contact our team to get a personalized solution.

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Flexible and Secure

Control your account

Secure your account, set up limits, analyse and evaluate campaigns that were sent via API and get important data for building succeeding strategies.

Chat with your customers

Two-way SMS API

Redefine and simplify your customers’ experience with interactive two-way messaging.

Carry on a conversation by both sending and receiving SMS messages. Engage your customers in SMS chat and let them confirm or re-schedule appointments via short SMS answer. Dispatch automatically generated responses.

bulk sms rates

Simple Pricing with no hidden fees

Our direct carrier relationships and robust technological backend ensure we cannot be beaten on pricing, reliability, delivery rates, speed and quality.

We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as Paypal payments. Request an invoice from your bank account to deliver fast and secure payments by wire transfers.

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