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Two-factor authentication (2FA): protecting
your business with a new security level


What is Two-factor authentication? Every time when entering a platform or an application our identity confirmation is required. This repeated procedure is called Two-factor or multi-factor authentication. It allows you to protect the account from hacker attacks and excludes the possibility of fraudulent account registration involving an additional access verification.
Two-factor or multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective ways to protect your business with an additional security level.

It is worth knowing how the Two-factor authentication works:
1. When logging into a platform, system or an application you are usually offered to enter your username as well as your personal password. This is the first step in the authentication process.
2. After you have entered your personal data you will be offered to move to the second step when several elements of information could be required. To successfully pass the second authentication level you are able to use SMS verification which is the fastest and the most convenient verification way.
3. When choosing a Two-factor SMS authentication a one-time password will be sent to your registered mobile number which is then entered in a specially designated field. After entering a one-time password you will immediately get access to your account.

While hacking a usual custom password is quite simple obtaining a mobile device that generates codes through SMS messages is almost impossible. That’s why 2FA is one of the most effective security techniques.

What are the advantages of SMS 2FA?
Simplicity and speed are the main reasons that make SMS authentication being chosen by the majority of users.
User-friendly. Due to the rise of nomophobia people get more used to constantly keeping their phones nearby.
One-time. The codes received in SMS messages are one-time temporary passwords. After a certain quite short period of time all passwords will be invalid: this eliminates the risk of further threat.
Unsolvable. Codes consist from a random combination of both numbers and letters which makes them almost impossible to hack.
Safe. Even if a hacker will be trying to hack your account by solving this one-time password after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts the entrance to your account will be blocked and, consequently, the robber will no longer have any opportunity to access your personal data. To unlock the account you will need to contact the support team of the platform personally so that the real account owner is recognized accurately.
We still use keys to open the doors — and passwords are the simplest and most common way of accessing. Passwords are surely an important part of log-in procedure. This, however, does not mean that we have to rely only on simple passwords: at least when protecting our house we do not rely only on simple locks.
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