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Getting started with Sendberry: quick start user guide

Opening a mobile marketing account and launching your first SMS campaigns has never been easier! All you have to do is to follow these simple steps.

First steps: How to sign up

1. Go to Sign up form. 🚀
2. Enter a log-in name which is your personal e-mail.
3. Think of a strong and unsolvable password and then enter it twice in specially designed fields. 🧐
4. After that, enter your full name.
5. After you have successfully filled up this form, you will receive a verification e-mail from us on your e-mail address which you indicated as log-in name.
6. Please check your inbox, find this e-mail and follow the attached link.
7. Immediately after you have followed the attached link, your e-mail is automatically approved and you are ready to use the platform. 🥳

Moving on: how to verify your identity

1. Congrats! 🎉 Your mobile marketing journey has begun! We are happy you have joined us so we topped up your balance with a free credits that you can use to test our platform!
2. But before that you will need to verify your identity: by doing so, you will persuade us that you are not a robot. 🤖
3. Simply choose Settings from the menu on the left, search for Account status, section, press Verify identity button and enter your personal phone number. Don’t worry: your personal data is stored 100% securely and confidentially. 🔐
You must enter your mobile phone number in an international format using the + sign and your country code. As an example, Latvian mobile phone number shall look like this: +37167660119

4. After you have done this, we will provide you with a verification code which you will receive on the indicated personal phone number. You will receive this message from ‘Sendberry’ — it’s us! 👋
5. Please insert the received four-digit code into specially designed field and verify it. ✅
6. You can now freely test our service.
Currently you are able to send test SMS messages using our free credits only to your own mobile phone number. 📩 To expand platform usage — check our next ‘how-to’ section.

Topping up your balance

1. To expand platform usage and unlock full SMS messaging service, you will now be needing to top up your balance.
2. But before that, choose Settings from the menu bar, go to Contact details, section and fill in the form. As the form is filled, press Save changes.
‘Company name’, ‘Brand or product’, ‘Registration number’ and ‘EU VAT number’ fields are mandatory for legal entities only.

Most common and easy way to do this is by using your credit card.
3. Choose Financials from the main menu on the left.
4. See Your balance section and press the blue Top-up button.
5. In a new window, precise a top-up amount.
6. Make sure the checkbox top up by payment card is ticked. 🔘
7. Next, press Proceed to checkout. In a new window, fill in the valid credit card details. You can also save your current credit card for later use. No worries: we do not either store or collect your payment card details.
8. Finish the top-up procedure by clicking Start payment.

You can also top-up your balance by a bank transaction

There’re two possible methods of doing so — choose what fits you most.
Method A
1. Repeat actions described previously in clauses 4—6 of Topping up your balance.
2. Instead of top up by payment card tick send bank payment checkbox.🔘
3. Press Proceed to checkout. Finish the bank transaction by sending the payment using the details described in the appeared window.
Please insert your customer ID assigned by the system as the purpose of payment. Otherwise, we won’t understand who is actually topping up the balance — and it will cause unwanted difficulties for both, you and us.

Method B
1. Contact our Support Centre via e-mail ([email protected]) and precise the desired amount of top-up.
2. You will receive a reply containing an invoice available for paying.

Lift account limits

Having an unverified account puts limitations on some of Sendberry core functions including the quantity of SMS messages per day. Your actual daily limit is 100 SMS.

These additional restrictive measure was adopted by us to protect our service from scammers, spammers and all kinds of fraudulent accounts attacking in different manners our platform. For this reason, we kindly ask you to fill in the simplest form of authentication. Here’s how you can do that in several piece-of-cake steps:
1. Choose Settings from the menu on the left, go to Account status section and press Lift limits.
2. Then fill in the form by inserting your data and press Verify account.
3. As the form is received by us, we will take our time (which is 1 or 2 working days) to verify it manually.
4. We may also contact you in case we have any questions or in case we need any extra information.
5. As soon as we’re done, we will immediately cancel all your account limits — and you will be ready to launch your efficient bulks!
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