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is a platform which offers simple integration with different payment gateways for fast and accessible transaction throughout your online store


Recently we have been working hard to introduce our new feature — OpenCart SMS Extension! If you run an online shop or any other entity that deals with products and any online services — this option is designed for you! No more annoying, long-lasting and tedious coding needed — our OpenCart integrated system does everything for you.
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About OpenCart
So OpenCart is basically a platform which offers simple integration with different payment gateways for fast and accessible transaction throughout your online store. It is a valuable instrument as it has flexible store design and provides a user-friendly dashboard for easy managing of any store data. What’s more, OpenCart is highly customizable and, therefore, allows users to modify their storefront's appearance, features, and functionalities according to specific business needs.
As to functionality, our OpenCart extension allows you to send automated SMS notifications to your customers to enhance customer experience, increase sales as well as improve store operations with the power of accurate and personalized SMS notifications.
You can activate, change and operate without any difficulties various templates that will send appropriate SMS to your clients whenever something happens in your store: for example, when a payment is approved or in case the payment details provided by a customer are invalid; as well as when a product is out of stock or a new order is placed.
There are no limits for such alerts: user is able to build his own, even quiet complex, system of notifications. In addition, the creation of bulk SMS campaigns to promote your products and sales efficiently requires no coding at all!
As we have already discussed in our blog, SMS messages have the highest open-rate among other communication methods, which makes SMS a powerful marketing tool. In the end, what can be better that using this amazing tool being free from technical difficulties and issues?
1. SMS notifications can be sent in all phases of order management and according to the inner process of your online-store. Some of the examples have already been given above. Here are some more real cases from our partners of SMS bulks which can be received by users while shopping in your store: «Thank you! Your order has been successfully placed! 🥳 Continue checking your SMS notifications for further information about delivery» «Your order has been sent to you! 📦 You can track delivery in your account». * Don’t forget that you can always interfere with customer in a friendly and highly emotional manner by using emojis, which will be soon introduced on Sendberry platform. Another great tip is to create. personalized messages that appeal concrete customers by their names: this helps to create immediately the feeling of confidence and proximity between the entity and its clients.
2. Nothing goes lost with SMS Log History. Entity is always able to see the log of bulks sent from various modules in order to check, whenever needed, SMS status, sent date, sender ID, content etc.
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