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The assignment of user roles

General account administration includes not only ‘contact management’, but also ‘user management’ which is one of the newest and most essential features provided by Sendberry platform.
’User management’ means expanding your working space by handing out different roles to your co-workers.
Account owner or holder adds, at own discretion, multiple users and sets their individual roles. Users with divided roles, while logging in from different e-mail addresses, are in charge of the same account by completing their individual prerogatives.
Several most required user roles are available on Sendberry: Admin, Manager and Analyst. 
As the head manager, Admin possesses the full access to all platform sections and functions and is in control of all account.
Manager controls and carries out all functions connected with the launch of bulks:
• creating, editing and dispatching SMS campaigns,
• creating, viewing and downloading reports,
• adding, editing, managing, blacklisting and deleting contacts and contact groups;
• creating and implementing templates.
Some features, though, are not accessible for Manager. These are:
• inner platform settings (not be confused with general and additional settings of SMS campaigns),
• API settings;
• financials.
Analyst is first of all occupied with statistics and efficiency of campaigns. Analyst is in right to:
• create, view and download reports;
• according to efficiency analysis, view all campaigns, contacts, contact groups and templates, without launching bulks and spending credits on those.
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