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How to create SMS campaign

SMS campaign builder allow you to create personalized campaigns to inform your customers about changes to your services and send them to a group of recipients.

1. Choose SMS from the main menu
2. Press Start campaign button on the left top of the panel, then choose the type of SMS Campaign
3. Choose sender. Info SMS is chosen as a sender by default. More about sender
4. Next, add recipients: specify concrete contacts, groups or all contacts at once. How to add a new contact
5. Add SMS content. In order to save your time choose one of ready-to-use templates. How to create a template
6. Specify variables if needed. Variables are related to each contact name, surname, mobile phone number, e-mail, date or custom field. What are custom fields
7. While entering the content, available symbols are counted automatically. According to the size of the text, quantity of messages is precised. More about SMS text
Activate additional settings if needed

8. To schedule the launch of your campaign use Schedule campaign and send later function. The campaign will be automatically launched in time. You will always have a possibility to find and edit your campaign just by choosing SMS from the main menu and by filtering out the campaign list according to status (choose «Scheduled»).
9. To preserve space in your message and analyse the efficiency of campaign use Analyze efficiency and add web link function. Platform automatically shortens long external links to increase the capacity of your message. Copy shortened link and insert it into your message. This will also allow you to analyse the efficiency of your campaign as the system will automatically calculate how many times did customers open your link.
10. By activating Advanced settings you will be able to set up daily message delivery limit as well as concrete delivery days. Save campaign as a template to use it later on. You will also be able to test your campaign by sending it to your colleagues or yourself: to do so, simply press Test and insert the appropriate mobile phone number which will receive your test message.
11. In the top right corner insert a unique name of your campaign. All campaigns are stored in SMS section.
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