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Mobile marketing: additional tool or a vital need?

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Nowadays, people are getting more and more attached to their mobile phones which is why SMS messaging has become the most direct way of contacting each other. Accordingly, mobile or SMS marketing is now of the most effective ways of business communication as long as maintained correctly.

As we previously said, text messages are certainly the best option among all marketing strategies. Interactive and easy-to-understand SMS messages will help you to inform your customers about any news or changes as soon possible.
We won’t be exaggerating if we’ll say that for some companies mobile marketing is not only an additional tool but, moreover, a vital necessity. For example:
E-commerce stores: whether you're sending advertising campaigns, confirming orders or notifying about the delivery, SMS messaging will help you solve all business tasks.
Travel companies: while travelling, customers need reliable real-time information which is mainly provided via SMS. It includes flight and boarding time changes and renewals, flight cancellations, weather alerts, gate changes and much more. Text messages provide customers with all the necessary information they need to know immediately.
Service companies: which organise meetings and events: SMS messages could be used to inform the invited client about the time and place of the meeting allowing your client at the same time to confirm or postpone it. That way you will always be able to keep your company in order and under control.
Large organizations: with many employees: internal communication is as important as the external one, but it is obviously too difficult to communicate with every single employee in a large company. For delivering urgent information e-mails are too slow and often get lost in a chaotic mailing system. The use of SMS in an internal business communication will ensure that each employee receives the necessary information at the right time.
However, it is still worth asking: in the end of the day, is SMS marketing suitable for my specific business?

The only way you to find it out — is to try it yourself! If you already use another mobile marketing strategies as e-mail marketing, try to implement SMS marketing as well. The result will speak for itself. Sign up for free on Sendberry platform and get free credits that you'll be able to use for testing our service. Start now!
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