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Bulk SMS from file

SMS from file function allows you to send SMS messages directly from an Excel spreadsheet without uploading new contacts and creating separate text messages for each of them. This function is useful and effective in case you already have ready-to-use file for your campaign.

1. Choose SMS from the main menu, then press Start campaign and choose From file.
2. Choose the appropriate file from your computer and precise its format. Acceptable formats: xls, xlsx, txt.

To see how the file should approximately look like press Download template.
3. Next, precise the SMS message and Phone number columns. Please be sure that all mobile phone numbers are indicate in an international format (with international counry dial code).

If you want to exclude some of the messages and phone numbers from bulk messaging mark them with blue squares on the left.
When completed press Next step.
4. While processing your file the platform will automatically calculate:

• total campaign price
• quantity of messages
• quantity of recipients
• average rate per 1 message.

You will also be immediately informed if any errors occurred.

You can always return to your file if needed (editing, fixing occurred errors). Simply press Go back.
5. In case you constantly work with identical files insert new template name so that all settings are preserved for further use.
6. At last, in case you want to schedule your campaign choose the appropriate date and time. The campaign will be launched automatically in time.

7.Press Send
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