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Summer vibes with SMS marketing


Summer is coming — and so do we with our new pre-summer SMS marketing blog! This time we’ll be sharing with you some of the tips to make your bulks even more efficient!

First of all, make sure you deliver not just SMS marketing bulks, but also a joyful summer atmosphere: you can do that by providing your clients with discount coupons, sales, exclusive features and products available only on summer days. Be generous! — At least that’s what we want at summer.
Next, remind your customers about all the time you spent together during the year full of work: «That’s been a fantastic year! We sincerely thank you for making this long way all along with us!» And as a gift use those agreeable coupons, discounts, sales that we mentioned earlier as well as all other kind of presents you can promote via SMS marketing tools.

In addition, you can use gifts as a reward for another purchase: this will certainly stimulate your customers while making your SMS marketing more attractive.

By the way, expanding your contact list is much easier at summer! An additional benefit of drawing attention to your SMS coupons is that consumers whose number you do not have yet, might be tempted to opt-in for your SMS list. This way, you’ll gain new contacts you can target with your SMS marketing campaigns in the future.

Last but not least, be creative! — Emphasize important or urgent information with summer-style emojis which will drive your customers’ attention to your SMS marketing bulks.
If you still think that you are using existing marketing strategies, be sure you have already implemented SMS-advertising. Already know about SMS-advertising and its benefits, though in search of a profitable offer? Visit our homepage or contact us — and get an individual offer designed specifically for your business!
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