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SMS-advertising is one of the most
effective marketing strategies


SMS-advertising means advertising products and services throughout mobile devices. Enterprises send personalised SMS messages to inform customers about promotions, special offers, discounts or newly released products. Mass SMS-advertising increases brand recognisability and helps to build a stable and trustworthy relationships between sellers and buyers.

Nowadays, SMS-advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Of course, there are other marketing strategies such as email-marketing which is often considered to be traditional and popular method of delivering information. However, it is practically proven that SMS-advertising meets the most vital buyers’ needs and, therefore, has some undeniable advantages.
Your mobile phone is always nearby. According to the research, mobile phone is checked by its owner at least 80 times per day. That is why SMS-advertising demonstrates the highest (approx. 90%!) opening and reading amount.
One mobile phone versus several e-mails. Statistically, 3.8 billion people have e-mail addresses, though, at the same time, there are at least 5 billion people subscribed to mobile operators. In addition, not all people download the e-mail client on their phone while SMS reading function is available on each of them. Moreover, people tend to check their e-mails at the certain daytime, but messages, quite opposite, are usually read within 3 minutes after being delivered.

Low competitive level, no advertising paranoia. Ordinary person’s e-mail (let alone businessman’s e-mails) is over-flooded with countless bulks which are mostly deleted without being even rapidly read. As to SMS messages, people are used to pay more attention to those.

Having mentioned only main SMS-advertising advantages (there’re much more, in fact) we will now proceed to saying a few words about the use of SMS-advertising and the results you can achieve with its help.

Remind about yourself. With the help of advertising SMS messages you can easily inform your clients about a new promotion or special offer or even notify them about the opening of a new store or about the release of a new product. If your client used your services earlier on but then suddenly disappeared, you can remind the client about yourself in a friendly and attentive way as well as find out the reason of client’s disappearance.

Increase recognisability. You can send advertising SMS messages which are: a) targeted, which means you contact those people who are not familiar with your product yet; b) personalised, which means offering concrete products or services to concrete customers to fulfil their needs.

Sum up feedback. Invite your customers to rate the product they purchased or any other service they used. Analyse your customers' preferences.

Gifts! Congratulate your customers at the special moments of their life, but do not shorten your sincere congratulations to plain and old-fashioned compliments — surprise your customers with ultimate discount coupons or individual offers using advertising SMS messages.

If you still think that you are using existing marketing strategies, be sure you have already implemented SMS-advertising. Already know about SMS-advertising and its benefits, though in search of a profitable offer? Visit our homepage or contact us — and get an individual offer designed specifically for your business!
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