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More than 20 years of extensive and successful experience in telecommunications and cloud-based projects.

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Having assumed the responsibility of creating a trustworthy platform you can rely on, we launched Sendberry — unsuspiciously trustable and easy-to-use service destined exactly for your personal business assistance.

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Think Intermedia as a parent enterprise was founded in 2013 by a group of telecommunications specialists whose vast experience dates back to 2001.

Currently more than 35 professional developers, administrators, managers, analysts, architects, scientists and consultants cooperate and work their best to help you develop your individual business with cutting-edge Sendberry technologies. 

Our mission

We believe that SMS marketing is a key factor in building strong bonds between a customer and a company. Sendberry is aimed at accessing mobile marketing for all businesses no matter their size or area.

What’s more, we strictly respect your privacy and personal data so we guarantee 100% secure and fair confidential policy by upholding all GDPR principles and data safety.  


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We are continuously seeking for opportunities to improve existing business and our interconnection portfolio. We would love to hear from you and discuss your potential interconnection.

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We are in search of talented individuals with different backgrounds who want to join our team and take part in developing the most scalable platform on the market.

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